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How Can I Join
the Tomatosoup Band?
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  The TOMATOSOUP BAND welcomes new members. The background and ages of our members are quite diverse. Potential members may find it useful to know the following:

Instrumentation includes clarinet, saxophones, trumpets, baritones, trombones, tubas and percussion. The band welcomes additional players on these and other instruments. Members usually proviide thier own instruments.

Levels of musical ability and experience of our members vary from novice to advanced. Ability in sight-reading is not essential but it is helpful for members to be familiar with written music

The Band rehearses for  ninety minutess each Wednesday beginning at 7:30 p.m. Practices are held in the Azores Club located at 1003 Hamilton Rd (close to the McDonald's at Highbury Ave.)

The Band performs about 20 times each year. Transportation to out-of-town events is provided by the TOMATOSOUP BAND bus. While we recognize that all members will not be able to attend every rehearsal or performance, it is expected that all members will try to get to most of them.

There is no membership fee.  Members are not paid for performances but refreshments are provided. In addition all members are invited to social events.

Potential members are welcome to "sit in" on a number of rehearsals before making a decision to join. While there are no auditions, final acceptance into the band is subject to the consent of the members. If you have questions about music or membership, please contact the Band President, Martin Van Der Mark by phone at (519) 433-2276 or Music Director, Stew Taylor (519) 271-0758.



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