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November/December 2017

The Tomatosoiup Baand has had an exciting year.  All of our outings were well attended.   We were honoured to be apart of London`s 150th `Big Band Festival` which attracted huge crowds to Victoria Park on a hot weekend of Sept. 16 & 17.  Some of London`s best bands performed in the bandshell and I hope this will become an annual event.  With our long red coats,scarfs with pins and matching hats, our MC declared us best dressed band.  Thought we sounded good also.

The weather continued to shine for our Fall Fairs in Glencoe and Dorchester to great crowds.  Oktoberfest on Oct. 14 at the Portuguese Club was a fun evening which I think was enjoyed by all.

An outing at the `Ceeps` for Western`s homecoming at 8 pm Sat, Oct. 21 was a challenge trying to avoid rowdy students bumping into us.  It was fun but, I`m too old for this. Our next gig is Sat. Oct. 28th from 2-3 pm as we play to a much more subdued crowd at Parkwood Hospital for our veterans, and I`m sure that they will  Hospital for our veterans, and I`m sure that they will be able to hear us better than at the `Ceeps`.

Following that. the `Tomatosoup Band` has so many Santa Claus parades, Mary may have to add an extra page to the newsletter.  That being said, here is when and where the Soup will welcome Santa.

  •    On Sat. Nov. 18  - Ingersal @ 11:00 am,- Tillsonburg @ 2:00 pm ,- St. Thomas @ 6:00 pm
  •    Fri. Nov. 24- Port Stanley @ 7:00 pm
  •    Sat. Nov, 25- Hyde Park @ 10:00 am - Strathroy @ 1:00 pm - Forest @ 7:00 pm

I believe Parkhill and Belmont are on this wild ride but I have no confirmations.

My feeling is that three parades in one day is too much to ask of this band in inclement weather and therefore I have made the decision to semi-retire.  I have enjoyed the whole experience of of being with the Tomaosoup Band for 20 years.  I have made many great friends, been on many memorable journeys and have had the pleasure of passing on our stories to you.  It`s time to pass the torch.  I would like to thank Caspar for his guidance. and then Mary Selmes who has taken up the torch.  You two were my link to keeping everyone up to date with the antics of the Tomatosoup Band.

To My Bandmates:  I have had the pleasure to play with some of the finest musicians that I know.  We became friends, then we became family.  I Love you all, with special mention to Julie, my second Mom.  I will cherish these memories and always be proud of being apart of the `Tomatosoup Band`.

To My Readers:  It is my hope that you have enjoyed my reports of the Tsoup antics over the years.  I always insisted that the DCS mail me a hard copy, that way there is 20 years of history in 3 binders that I have saved.  This Band has a legacy, and it has been an incredible journey.  The Tomaosoup has and will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank You to all that came before me, and continued success who keep the tradition alive of this great band.



PS-  I`ll be back here and there.




 Terry Toll




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